Learn From Experienced Crypto Traders In Person

Cryptocurrency is changing the world. We created this course to help those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but need help getting started the right way. We will guide you the right way and show you the correct way to start your cryptocurrency investment. These classes will help those who want to be taught in person, step by step, how to buy/sell/transfer cryptocurrency.


We will empower you to learn how to trade cryptocurrency for yourself. Our step-by-step course shows you from start to finish how to buy, transfer & sell bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin & cryptocurrencies.


Various Tokens / Coins are available on different global bitcoin / ethereum / litecoin exchanges. If you have a list of potential coins you want to invest in, we can teach you how to buy and sell on each of the many popular exchanges.


here are many ways to securely store and keep your cryptocurrency. We go over the best options depending on your goals. Making sure you properly set up your wallets is one of our top priorities.

The Blockchain

Blockchain technology is changing how we do everything. We'll help you understand the true nature of the blockchain, decentralization , DAPPS, & Smart Contracts.

In Person Classes

We are all about education & spreading knowledge. We will show you in person how to invest in and trade crypto. We cover all the angles, start to finish! Many people find the cryptocurrency learning curve overwhelming, and will pass up strong investment opportunities. With us at your side you'll be trading cryptocurrencies in no time!

  • Safely Buy/Transfer/Secure Your Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin and Altcoins
  • Setup and installations of wallets
  • Account setups on multiple exchanges
  • Cashing out!
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  • In Person Classes
  • Bring Your Own Devices

    Bring your phone, debit/credit card & laptop. You will be trading cryptocurrency in a matter of hours.

    • We are committed teaching you how to trade crypto to the right way from start to finish
    • Safely secure your own information on your own computer
    • We take our time with our courses with your own devices
    • We arm you with the knowledge to last a lifetime
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  • Bring Your Own Devices
  • Research

    There are thousands of coins/tokens to choose from. We show you what to look for when selecting a alt coin.

    • Years of proven research
    • What is an ICO
    • Trading Tips
    • Trending Coins/Tokens At The Moment
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  • Research
    • Introduction Video

      Want To Learn About Cryptocurrency? Want To Trade For Different Coins? Learn How To Buy Cryptocurrencys & Alt Coins.

      The Difference Is An In- Person, Step-By-Step Comprehensive Class

      Trading cryptocurrency can be scary. The risks involved keep many from investing, and wading into the crypto trading world uninformed can lead to a quick loss of your investment. We empower our students with proper knowledge and strategies to trade in an informed manner, so they can avoid common mistakes, and can become independent traders. We are not financial advisors. We only show you how to trade at your own risk. We simply arm you with the right tools to get the job done correctly!


      Buy & Trade Crypto


      Different Coins Different Exchanges


      Secure Your Wallets

      Our pricing

      We offer various training options for people looking to get involved in trading cryptocurrency. Learn2Trade Cryptocurrency is not an investment company. We are here to educate and guide people who are new to the cryptocurrency space. We empower students to make their own sound decisions. We teach you how to trade bitcoins, ethereum, litecoins & alt coins.

      Private Classes
      $600 /
      Learn To Trade Cryptocurrency with a private tutor
      Private In Person Class
      4 Hour Class
      Buy & Trade Cryptocurrency
      Research Coins/Tokens
      Create Accounts On Multiple Exchanges
      Master Withdraws & Transfers
      Group Classes
      $400 /
      Learn To Trade Cryptocurrency Group Class
      Group In Person Class
      5 Hour Class
      Buy & Trade Cryptocurrency
      Research Coins/Tokens
      Create Accounts On Multiple Exchanges
      Master Withdraws & Transfers
      $100 /mo
      billed monthly
      Weekly Newsletter
      Monthly Crypto Meet Up
      Updates on blockchain developments
      Access to our private chat channels
      Cryptocurrency support
      Tools for trading


      Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our classes. We are a local business, and our classes are in person (private/group). We are here to provide support to anyone  interested in learning how to trade cryptocurrency.